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Food Service Water Filters

3m/cuno have designed a range of water filters specifically for the foodservice industry. Suitable for use with Coffee, tea, hot water and vending applications. As well as ice filtration solutions and post mix filtration solutions.

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ScaleGard Pro Filters by 3M
ScaleGard Pro Filters  from 3M supplier
7100017165,7100016145 7100016375,7100016374 7100016373

ScaleGard Blend Filters by 3M
ScaleGard Blend Filters   from 3M supplier
7100037445,7100037015 7100037444,7100037662

High Flow HF-MS Filters by 3M
High Flow HF-MS Filters  from 3M supplier
7100041862,7100041863, 7000001674,7000001677 7000001706

High Flow HF-S Filter by 3M
High Flow HF-S Filter  from 3M supplier
7100017185,7000050414 7100008238,7000050884 7000001752,7000050410 7000042826,7000050885

High Flow HF Filters by 3M
High Flow HF Filters  from 3M supplier
7100053825,7100022068 7000001676,7100022069 7000001705,7000001665 7000051728,7000001666 7100006231,7000001667 7000001669

Dual Port DP Filters by 3M
Dual Port DP Filters  from 3M supplier
7000042841,7100007038 7100007041,7000029268 7000050525,7000125646

3M / Cuno HF05MS 7100054812 by 3M
3M / Cuno HF05MS 7100054812  from 3M supplier
HF05MS 0.5um Carbon Block with siliphos limescale inhibition and Micromet screen, replaces CUNO 70020322403, boxes of 8 pieces.

Showing products 1 to 7 of 7   

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